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Our Story

Spear of African Peace (SoAP) is a youth-led national organization established in 2020 and registered in 2023 as a non-governmental organization in Juba, South Sudan. SoAP offers support and healing to refugees and youth who have experienced trauma. SoAP recognises the power of art and storytelling as therapy to help individuals cope with difficult experiences. SoAP combines the western approach to mental health with culturally appropriate, trauma-informed, and contextually accessible methods of healing in order to provide refugees and youth with effective psychosocial support. SoAP also hosts an annual essay contest for refugees from across Africa to share their personal stories. 

Our Team


Yoal Domai Dar

CEO, Founder

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Nyayow Deng Chuol


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Khan N. Badeng


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& Research

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Nyanhial Kuony War

During the 2013 South Sudan civil conflict, our founder, Yoal Domai Dar, lost many loved ones, resulting in an extreme trauma. While many people who underwent similar situation often repressed it, Yoal and his team recognized that art and storytelling is culturally appropriate in healing the refugees and communities from the trauma they faced.  The winners of our contest become lifelong members of the organization and a highly engaged national community, fostering peace and friendship across borders. Spear of Africa Peace hopes to provide a sense of solidarity and support for those affected by conflict and displacement.

Board of Directors

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Matthew Lam Joar

     Originally from South Sudan; he fled South Sudan when he was 15 years and became a refugee in Kenya. He is passionate about sports and was a professional athlete. He was selected among the first group of the Refugee Olympics in 2015 and trained for the Olympics.

      After the 2016 Olympics, Lam decided to focus on his higher education and transitioned to working for the Refugee team through the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation and became the Camp Coordinator.
He graduated with a master’s degree in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from the University of Oxford. His master's research focuses on “How Participation in Elite Sport Shape Refugees’ Integration and Belonging”, a case study for the refugee Olympics Team. Lam is now the Programmes Officer at One Young World based in London, United Kingdom.

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Alexander Braun

     Alex is an award-winning strategist who crafts communications campaigns based in research and analytics. Called a “campaign magician” by Forbes, Alex has founded and leads the research and international political practices at SKDK, one of America’s top consultancies. He is also an adjunct professor of campaign management at George Washington University.


     Alex specializes in translating research into compelling stories and actionable recommendations. He has conducted hundreds of polls, focus groups and other research instruments for clients ranging from major public affairs, nonprofit and media organizations to corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Pfizer, IBM, Ford and Comcast.

     In the political arena, Alex has unique expertise, having worked with dozens of heads of state and other political clients around the globe. In addition to US campaigns, including Biden 2020, he has advised prime ministers in the United Kingdom, India, and Croatia and presidents in Ukraine, Mexico, and the Philippines, among others.

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